UPDATE:  The remaining two hoop dance classes of 2017 are cancelled.  HOWEVER, I am presently creating classes for the upcoming new year, time and place TBA.

I am super excited about a fresh idea rattling around in my ol’ brain: “Hooping to the Oldies.”  Yes, I am aware that a very wonderful and prominent fitness instructor we all know and love came up with this exercise concept first, and I pay homage to him.  I am not worthy.

However, my classes will come with a twist.

In a once-a-month(ish) workshop format, I will introduce hoop skills to a particular era or genre of music.  Hooping to the 60s.  Hooping to disco.  Hooping to the 80s.  Hooping to the 90s.  Hooping to classical.  Hooping to punk. Hooping to electro-swing.  Hooping to hip hop (hip hoop?)….  You get the cut of my jib.

I really want to encourage the notion that, with hula hooping and hoop dance, the emphasis is tapping in to the joy, spirit and playfulness within us, the playfulness that needs more opportunity to come out, well, to play.  What better way to do so than by sweating to our favourite tunes from the soundtrack of our lives?

Stay tuned, flowks!

xo The Spin Jinny



Hula hooping is a playful and effective way to exercise.  The intrinsic joy that comes from exploring hoop dance is natural motivator to keep us moving!

As the dark months close in around us, I am pleased to be offering hoop dance classes at the Abbey to keep our spirits up and our stress levels down.  Starting November 9 and running until December 7, I will facilitate a multi-level hoop dance class.  Class time is 6:00 to 7:15.

Whether you are a beginner eager to learn waist hooping or an intermediate wanting to experience different gateways to flow, I am looking forward to joining you on your hoop dance path.

AND if you are currently taking my beginner/intermediate belly dance class that takes place after the hoop dance one (or if you are interested in signing up for both), you get $10 off the hoop dance session or a reduced drop-in rate!18766431_10155015596523387_1099416041433746621_o!

What: Beginner/Intermediate Hoop Dance Class

When: Thursdays, November 9 to December 7, 6 to 7:15pm

Where: The Abbey Studio, Cumberland BC

Cost: $50 for five weeks or $15 drop-in.  Thursday night belly dancers get $10 off (so $40 a session; or $10 drop-in)


I am on the cusp of completing my Elemental Hoop Dance Teacher Training so I will be formatting my classes on nature’s building blocks of earth, air, water, and fire.  Hoops will be provided, but you can also bring your own.

Hoop to see you there!

xo The Spin Jinny

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