Summer 2017 Hoop Dance Classes

I am excited to be offering weekly summer drop in classes, Thursdays, at The Abbey Studio in Cumberland, 6:00 to 7:15pm. I look forward being your guide as we explore hoop skills and movement inspired by the elements.  These classes will be suitable for all levels as we focus on skill development, layering challenges as needed.  Tricks will be combined into sequences and circuits to help you integrate them seamlessly into your flow.  There will be no class July 20: The Abbey is hosting a special event.  Hoop classes will be $5 to $10 (suggested donation).

Image result for air element alchemy symbolJULY 13: AIR

  • Waist-hooping/core hooping to off-body hooping skills and transitions
  • Floaty hoop isolations and tosses
  • Introduction to chest hooping


Image result for fire element alchemy symbol public domain free


  • “Wow Factor” tricks–even ones that look hard but are quite easy!
  • Hooping on different body parts
  • Escalators and wedgies
  • More chest hooping practice!
  • Dance integration


Image result for water element alchemy symbol public domain


  • Creative transitions between moves that facilitate flow
  • Hand hooping: weaves and flowers
  • Body rolls (chest rolls, back rolls)
  • (Oh yeah, more chest hooping practice)



Image result for earth classical alchemy element symbol public domain


  • On body hooping: chest hooping arms in/arms out
  • Getting the hoop going up and down the body
  • Vertical core hooping
  • Breaks and reversals


August 18 to 20:  Atmosphere Gathering in Cumberland BC!!!

Please come by my workshop on Sunday, 12 to 1pm at the Forest Stage!



Elemental Flow Hoop Dance Workshop

In this workshop, we will explore how movement with the hoop can create a sense of dance and flow, no matter how new or experienced we are with the hoop itself.

The hula hoop is simultaneously a playful toy, just like the one we used as children, as it is a symbol of continuity and unity, shaped in the archetypal circle or wheel.  In my belief, it’s in its playful beginnings as well as its symbolism which is what makes the hula hoop so appealing to so many people.

Wham-O may have trademarked the hula hoop; yet, there is another hoop revolution happening throughout the world.  It is a social movement where people of all ages, genders and abilities are finding it as an outlet for personal expression.  There are many  masters out there who hardly hula hoop at the waist, and there are many hoopers who love to rock the hoop out on the core body, almost exclusively.

What is refreshing about this particular spinning prop is that there are no rules on how to use it–other than some physics and geometry, but heck, we deal with those details everyday.  So no biggie, right?  In essence, we creatively navigate these physical details everyday in our personal being and ability.

The elements, likewise, are the stuff we are made of.  Using the four main elements (earth, air, water and fire) as a guide to our movement, we can channel those elemental feelings in our personal hoop dance expression.  As your workshop guide, I will introduce moves and technique which I feel represent the elements, but how you interpret them is up to you.

The only prerequisite is that you drop the hoop from time to time in the process.  It happens to all of us, and when you do, it only means you are imagining, experimenting and learning.

When: Thursday, July 6 6pm to 7:15pm.  2017.

Where: The Abbey Studio, Cumberland

Price: Free (this workshop helps me as a new hoop teacher, so I can’t promise a glitch free experience!)