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Summer 2014 to Spring 2015

Am I the only flow artist who has a hard time keeping up on her blog?


It is hard to believe spring is here already, and it has come early to us on the west coast.  Time to plan for summer!

The biggest event for me, performance-wise, in the last year was ArtsWells, Festival of All Things Art.  Situated deep in the Caribou of British Columbia, the village of Wells itself is a vintage gem… almost literally since it was once the heart of a 1930s gold rush!  It has been revitalized by a bunch of spirited, pioneering, and creative souls who also produce an incredible festival where a goer can be expected to be surrounded by music and art wherever they wander: in the venues, in their tent, while bathing in the stream, while watching the sparrows fly…  It is truly a magical place to which I hope to return.

LED hooping to Adham Shaikh at ArtsWells
LED hooping to Adham Shaikh at ArtsWells

In August 2014, I also had the pleasure of performing a solo poi hoop “belly hoop” performance at Atmosphere Gathering, as well as joining my friends at Arcana Dea Dance in a fusion belly dance choreographed by Cathy Stoyko.

In November, NOVA Firespun Arts was invited to do a show for the Comox Valley Christmas kick off, “Moonlight and Magic” event.

Moonlight and Magic 2014
Moonlight and Magic 2014
balkan wedding
Balkan Brass Wedding, April 2013 with Orkestar Slivovica

More here soon!