The Spin Jinny

BellyDance HoopDance Fire and Flow

About The Spin Jinny


Elevate the Arts, 2014

photo by Ron Pogue

What do you get when you cross Mata Hari with a carousel?  The Spin Jinny, that’s what!

The Spin Jinny is a Comox Valley-based dancer and hula hooper with a vintage feel and a flair for fusing belly dance with a circus aesthetic.  Just add a dash of fire and you have a delicious blend of danger-singed entertainment… what else would you expect from a femme fatale?

A proud member of NOVA Firespun Arts and Arcana Dea (“Mysteries of the Goddess”) Dance, The Spin Jinny is also an experienced solo artist available to weave tales of futures past at a festive event near you!


Check out the Performance Page for upcoming events.


The Spin Jinny video on youtube




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