About The Spin Jinny

Elevate the Arts, 2014
photo by Ron Pogue

What do you get when you cross Mata Hari with a carousel?  The Spin Jinny, that’s what!

The Spin Jinny is a Comox Valley-based dancer and hula hooper with a vintage feel and a flair for fusing belly dance with a circus aesthetic.  Just add a dash of fire and you have a delicious blend of danger-singed entertainment… what else would you expect from a femme fatale?

A proud member of NOVA Firespun Arts and Arcana Dea Dance, The Spin Jinny is also an experienced solo artist available to weave tales of futures past at a festive event near you!

The Spin Jinny video on youtube

2 thoughts on “About The Spin Jinny

  1. Hi:) Is it okay to drop in to the belly dance drills choreo class tomorrow as a first timer? I couldn’t tell from description . Thanks . I’m flexible , easy going …no expectations . Thank you

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